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The AWAY Project is a week-long educational waste audit to learn about personal consumption and waste production.


Students learn how their daily actions connect to an abstract and international issue: excessive waste.

How it works?

Students collect what they would normally throw “away” (with exception to biodegradable, sanitary or hazardous waste) for one school week.


Students identify where their waste comes from and where it goes, list most commonly found items, and develop personalized and tangible solutions on how to reduce their waste.

The AWAY Project Logo

The AWAY Project

An educational program by The 1to1 Movement, the AWAY Project is an opportunity for students to connect their daily actions to the effects of waste on the planet. On Monday, students learn about how excessive waste is affecting the environment, economy, and health of humans and wildlife. Each student receives a repurposed duffel bag as their portable waste receptacle for the rest of the week. Students collect anything they would normally throw away in a trash can or recycling bin (with exception to biodegradable, sanitary or hazardous waste) in their bag. On Friday, students empty their bags to identify where their trash came from and where it will ultimately go. Students report and record their findings and work in small groups to brainstorm and develop personal and tangible lifestyle solutions to reduce their use.

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About Us

The 1to1 Movement is an organization focused on raising awareness and making change on the issues of sustainability. We believe in an approach in which we are empowering community members to realize the environmental, economic, and health benefits of making sustainable minded decisions instead of criticizing them for currently unsustainable behaviors. 1to1 believes in motivating our community to feel that they’re part of the solution instead of chastising them for being part of the problem.

How is 1to1 funded?

The 1to1 Movement is made possible by private, federal, city, or state grants, and small and large contributions from donors. We believe that funding our work is an investment in our community and its health moving forward for future generations. We also feel strongly that everybody can contribute in some way, if not financially, we welcome volunteers, contributors, or any connections that one may be able to share with the organization.


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